Saturday, January 19, 2008

PR Planning - How Do You Create A PR Plan?

PR Planning - How Do You Create A PR Plan? Your Public Relations (PR) plan might be one page or many. It does not really matter - the key is to have one. Ad hoc PR will get you some results but will not be as successful, or cost effective, as a sustained campaign. Often, people just focus on activity in relation to PR. This can have its uses but will not achieve the perception ‘shift’ you are looking for. There are vital steps you need to take in devising a PR plan. * Audit â€" you need to have a clear idea of where your organisation is in terms of the perceptions of the audiences that are important to you. PR is all about perception â€" creating, enhancing or changing it. You should not embark on any PR until you know exactly what your key audiences think, feel and believe about your organisation. This also gives you a helpful benchmark against which you can measure any activity. * Aspiration â€" this is key. Where exactly do you want your organisation to be in terms of perception. Put everything aside that could stand in your way â€" this is about the big picture and how you want your organisation to be perceived and known. * Aims â€" you need to get into the detail and spell out exactly what you want to achieve. ‘More profile’ is not enough â€" you need to define your objectives in a way in which they can be measured â€" they need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. * Audiences â€" it is essential that you identify the audiences that are important to you. Achieving national press and media coverage may be good for the ego but does it really help you get the messages across to your key audiences? * Attention â€" any campaign needs robust and specific key messages. They underpin your communication and help you in assessing your campaign’s success. * Activity and Application â€" this is where the fun starts. By now you will have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and who you are targeting. The key is now to come up with the creative ideas that will provide you with the opportunity to get your messages across as effectively as possible. That could involve many different activities â€" from events and competitions to research, celebrity involvement and online forums. * Assessment â€" if you have done your job properly with regard to carrying out your audit and setting your objectives then assessment should fall neatly into place. These are essential elements in devising and implementing an effective PR plan. You neglect them at your peril. You would not throw money out of the window â€" so why embark on PR activity without a robust plan? These steps form the 7As PR Planning model - copyright of Profile Matters Ltd. Using PR to build your profile and protect your reputation can help you influence the audiences that are important to you - I invite you to access more free articles, tips and information on this and other subjects by visiting the free stuff section of the website - You can also receive regular advice, support and information by signing up to the newsletter via the website as well as accessing the DIY PR Toolkit, designed to give businesses a step-by-step approach to doing their own PR. Debbie Leven - Profile Matters - PR Consultants UK

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