Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christina Aguilera And Other Celebrities?

Christina Aguilera And Other Celebrities? Once again, it was proven that a celebrity or a famous personality can move certain thing beyond unreasonable doubt. Celebrities and famous personalities alike have the same power in making a change at any environment they will perform. Christina Aguilera performance on her previous concert in Manila was a successful one because she was attended by different levels of persons of with different age bracket. Though she was pregnant, she performed well on her concert singing and dancing enough with energy and she was applauded by the different audience in return. Christina Aguilera is one of the quality singers in the singing and movie industry. In fact, one of her songs was used in a prestigious movie as theme song. Not all of the famous singers of the world had the chance that their song is to be used as a theme song in a movie. Miss Aguilera is not only lucky for that, but also because of the quality of songs she sings. A pregnant woman performing on stage with singing and dancing moves is not an easy task. This needs a determination and Christina is brave enough to perform on stage with that because not all who with the same status of her will do such a thing. If you notice, most of the famous personalities and celebrities are gaining double as they perform. They become the darling of the crowd and get paid with a huge amount for the performance. This is killing two birds with one stone. No wonder there are reality based programs searching for future celebrities, the program is attended by voluminous influx of applicants. Though everyone knows that only few will pass the audition process, a considerable number of young people are still willing to try their luck. Of course everybody wants to be known worldwide and as a celebrity, you are one step away from being famous. Anyway being famous also accompany a great responsibility, a quote form Spiderman the Movie. Being a celebrity is also hard because every single and small event that would be connected to you, whether it is good or bad the world will surely know. Thanks to newspapers and broadcasting media for doing it. As a celebrity or famous personality, the world will praise you if you did something worthwhile, but you will be cursed if you did something wrong. Anyways, you don’t have to be famous and to be known worldwide. As long as you are true to yourself, you have lots friends, you have money to pay your bills and a bit of savings in the bank and you are not doing something wrong with your neighbors is more than enough. Be happy, contentment is the key. I am fond of collecting beautiful faces and sexy pictures on the net. I spend time online about Celebrities that attracts my attention. View some of my Celebrity Collection

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