Saturday, January 19, 2008

It s Hot To Be A Mommy!

It s Hot To Be A Mommy! First we saw Madonna... Then came Cindy Crawford, followed by Heidi Klum, Britney Spears, Denise Richards and Angelina Jolie... The list goes on as it seems that every day a new mom pops into the scene... Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera... Let s face it - being a mommy is hot! Yes... There is a Baby Boom happening throughout Hollywood’s celebrity scene, and without a doubt, that means each day we see more and more celebrity mommies flaunting their beautifully pregnant bellies, followed by then revealing their sexy, flawless post-baby figure... And then, in no time at all... They fully go back to work on their extremely successful careers. Times have changed... Moms have changed... it s an outright Hot Mommy revolution! Unlike women from two or more decades ago, today’s mommies view pregnancy and motherhood as one more wonderful stage in their lives for which to show pride and confidence. Gone are the days in which pregnant women tried every single trick to “hide” their bellies, as if a pregnant woman’s changing body was a reason of shame â€" a way of declaring to the rest of the world that her life was officially “over.” Perhaps it was Demi Moore’s Vanity Fair cover in August 1991 what triggered the beginning of this change in the perception of pregnancy and motherhood. Before then, no Hollywood celebrity or beauty icon would even dream of displaying to the public a less-than-perfect waistline, much less a protruding 8-month pregnant belly. It took many decades, one controversial magazine cover and an endless number of declarations by many, now proud mommies, celebrity beauty icons, to finally make us realize that pregnancy is not a condition to be ashamed of, to hide and, much less, to mark the end of a woman’s beauty and professional career. Today’s moms feel the need to show to the world that they are still beautiful and that their personal and professional lives are far from over. They take care of their health and their physical appearance, at the same time that they balance their work and family lives. Modern moms are not only strong and practical, they are also fun, beautiful, sensual and intelligent. Today’s mommies celebrate not only their personal and professional accomplishments â€" they also celebrate the miracle of life and the process that it implicates. Today’s moms deserve to be acknowledged as Hot Mommies, and this is simply a true revolution, a moment in history in which society’s way of thinking is changing... For the better! Yvonne Levy is an internationally recognized Perinatal Fitness expert with the gift of making mommies and mommies-to-be of all shapes and sizes look and feel sexy, hot and beautiful. A successful fitness professional since 1999, Yvonne is the creator of the popular Hot Mommy Fitness celebrity training program. Yvonne s energetic and highly motivational coaching and training style has earned her feature spots on television, radio, in print and on fitness summits including the world-famous Miami Beach Fitness Festival, where she has been a regular presenter since 2003. To find out more about Yvonne Levy, please visit and sign up for her free Hot Mommy Fitness newsletter and receive for free her five day email course 5 Secrets of Celebrity Hot Mommies.

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