Saturday, January 19, 2008

Celebrity Culture - A Land That Talent Forgot

In a time when we are constantly bombarded with celebrity gossip â€" who’s sharing a bed with who, who has had new boob job and who has managed to find the worlds smallest dog and dress it up like a little girls doll you would be forgiven if you lost a slight sense of reality. Can these people really be making a living by fluttering their eyelashes and flashing a bit of skin? Well seemingly the answer is yes and in a way we are all to blame. Celebrity culture has been around in one way or another since time began, people have always looked up to their hero’s, in the past you would have such celebrities as Edna Manley (the famous artist) and Bobby Moore (Famous Footballer) but it seems that people have started to worship a different kind of celebrity. These people have little or no talent but somehow manage to find it onto the front-page of every newspaper and magazine going. Just look at Paris Hilton, she is locked up in prison but still manages to make front-page news! I believe that UK celebrity worship started to take a turn when the Celebrity Big Brother of 2007 aired on channel 4. Three UK “Celebrities” caused a massive world wide up roar by appearing to bully the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, this caused national outrage and the three “celebrities” were branded as racists. Two of those celebrities haven’t been seen in the papers since (Jo O’Mara and Jade Goody) but one celebrity has somehow managed to raise her profile after the whole affair. Danielle Lloyd a former Miss Great Briton and former playboy cover girl took a time out after the Big Brother show and now appears to be back stronger than ever. Will the public forgive these “celebrities” for anything or will we all eventually get tired of seeing non entities on out TV screens and on the front pages of our newspapers. Only time will tell but I for one look forward to the day when we can let our children look up to celebrities because of their amazing talents, be it acting, singing or dancing, rather than “celebs” that make a living by dating footballers and appearing on reality TV shows. Dan Thompson is a website designer with over 7 years of experience. He wrote this article about celebrity culture when he was asked to design a website about a UK celebrity called Danielle Lloyd Dan proceeded to design the website despite his anti-celebrity views, you can view the site at

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