Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fairy Tattoos

The whimsical and delicate vision of a fairy is one of the most feminine tattoo expressions that woman tend to select. Fairy tattoos are much similar to getting a tattoo of an angel in various ways. They both showcase a creature that is gentle and respected by others. However, fairy tattoos deliver a design that involves human characteristics that could ooze sensuality or give off the notion of mischief. This type of tattoo can become a fun, fascinating, or flirty art of expression, which also carries a long history and deep symbolism. When you think of a fairy, Tinkerbell may appear in your mind, yet the original fairy was nothing like this creature. Traditional depictions show fairies as free spirits, who give gifts to people just as much as they enjoyed playing impish or naughty tricks on others. Legend has it that fairies would reward those who were kind and punished those who were disrespectful. Over time, superstitions developed that associated fairies with luck. Fairy tattoos are very popular with women because of the natural beauty they possess. A range of emotions are easily linked to a design, which may include happiness, joy, pain, and sadness. While the beauty and design of a fairy tattoo can seem larger than life or quite small, it is the addition of wings that elevates this selection. These designs are also often combined with other selections, such as flowers, butterflies, and other mythical creatures. It is not uncommon to see a fairy sitting on top of a unicorn. The personal meaning and symbolism of such a tattoo seems to never end. While this choice is rather easy to place on the body, it is the lower back, hips, stomach, ankle, and foot that typically serve as the most popular places for a fairy design to shine. See some more kick-butt info, recommendations, photos, and much more. Visit the number one content site about tattoo designs on the internet:

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