Saturday, January 19, 2008

2007 Celebrity Hairstyles Revealed and Explained

Experts say there are four hot and sexy 2007 celebrity hairstyles that will be around for some time. Short is in, lots of celebrity stars will be losing their long hairstyles this season, if they haven t already done so. The cool and business like look as worn by Ellen Degeneres and Hilary Clinton will get shorter and punkier. Hair will be longer on the top and short-short on the back and the sides - think business-like but messy. Some of the styles will be almost mannish in their look. The bob is back and in its cropped form can be seen on Victoria Beckham and plenty of other famous faces. This is cropped short at the back and curved onto the face in the front. Even if Posh isn t your favorite celebrity model, the look is set to run throughout the year. 2007 Celebrity hairstyles go from short and funky, to shaggy and sexy, side parted, and ending up with long and wavy. The shaggy look can be seen a lot on TV reality shows and it relies on shine and condition. The idea is to use gel and styling cream to achieve a just got out of bed look . Men are already sporting shorter versions of this - it s set to be a head turner during 2007. The masculine side part has been an integral part of recent fashion shows. The side part is a classic style that leaves room for maneuver, it can be smooth and trendy or sexy rock chic. Experts say it is about to take the scene by storm in 2007. Long and wavy, but not too tidy and neat hair, is set to be a winner this year. When you think of this style think Jessica Alba. Use a saltwater spray on damp hair to bring out the natural curls and waves, then scrunch it dry. The salt spray is the latest product in New York City Salons and bound to be a winner for 2007 celebrity hairstyles. See what YOU look like with the latest 2007 celebrity hairstyles - view them on your own uploaded photo now! Try On 5,000 Hairstyles! FREE Demo

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