Saturday, January 19, 2008

5 Tricks For Toning Your Mid-Section After Having A Baby

In my experience working with post-natal women, one of the hardest areas to bring back to “pre-baby” shape is the mid-section. Understandably so - after carrying around their big bundle of joy for all that time, many moms find it difficult to train and tighten their stomachs in a way that will let them get that sexy, tight look again. The following are 5 tricks that women who have had children can use to help get a firmer mid section. 1. Don’t Slouch This is probably the single quickest fix for a weak mid-section. Most women, after having been pregnant for so long tend to have poor posture and as a consequence, their shoulders tend to “hunch” forward. The mere act of standing tall, as if you were standing up against a wall, will help keep your abs tight. Additionally, keeping good posture is an acquired habit and after doing it consistently for a while, the body will begin to do it unconsciously thereby helping you look slimmer and sexier. 2. Exercise First Thing In The Morning Doing a quick workout first thing in the morning ensures that your metabolism revs up and gets going early on. A quick jog, a walk on a treadmill or a few minutes on a stationary bike will help you get your energy flowing before breakfast and will bring up your calorie burning machinery for the rest of the day. Just remember to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, especially if you are exercising immediately after waking up. 3. Get Used To Always “Sucking-In” Your Belly It is a little mentioned fact that most celebrities, when being photographed, actively suck their stomachs in or they risk being captured in those photos with a big, unflattering protruding belly. In other words, most people â€" regardless of their fitness level â€" unless they hold their stomach in, will tend to have their abs bulge out. By actively keeping your abs tightened or “sucked-in” on a regular basis, your abdominal muscles will tend to get used to this state and will hold that tightness even when you are not paying attention or thinking about them. 4. Don’t Forget Your Lower Back Your mid-section consists of more than simply your abdominal muscles. When working your middle, don’t forget to also include exercises that will work your lower back. This will not only help you look tighter and have a better posture but it will also help prevent lower back injuries. 5. Exercise Your Legs Although at first glance both areas may not seem related, your legs are composed of some of the largest muscles in your body and as such, they can be your best allies in helping you burn off large amounts of calories. A combination of aerobic and resistance training for your legs will not only help give you the lean, toned and sexy legs you desire, but by burning extra calories, you will be losing body fat all over your body â€" including from your mid-section. Yvonne Levy is an internationally recognized Perinatal Fitness expert with the gift of making mommies and mommies-to-be of all shapes and sizes look and feel sexy, hot and beautiful. A successful fitness professional since 1999, Yvonne is the creator of the popular Hot Mommy Fitness celebrity training program. Yvonne s energetic and highly motivational coaching and training style has earned her feature spots on television, radio, in print and on fitness summits including the world-famous Miami Beach Fitness Festival, where she has been a regular presenter since 2003. To find out more about Yvonne Levy, please visit and sign up for her free Hot Mommy Fitness newsletter and receive for free her five day email course 5 Secrets of Celebrity Hot Mommies.

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