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Eating Disorders - Anorexia Nervosa Effects

In this next article in our continuing series we re going to discuss the effects of Anorexia Nervosa on a person, as well as going over some facts and figures. The main assault of this disease is that it focuses on self starvation. Since the body needs food as a basic means for survival, the effects of this disease are numerous to say the least. Because the body is not getting enough nutrition, it is forced to slow down in order to compensate for this. This slowing down can have serious consequences on a person s body. There are a number of health consequences from Anorexia Nervosa. The main ones are as follows: 1. People suffering from this disease, after an extended period of time, suffer from an abnormally slow heart rate and very low blood pressure. This causes the heart muscle itself to change. The chance of heart failure rises as heart rate and blood pressure decrease. 2. Because of the lack of calcium in a person s diet, since they are not getting enough food in general, there is a great risk of reduced bone density, which is known as osteoporosis. This results in very dry and brittle bones which makes them very susceptible to breaking. 3. Again, because of the lack of nutrition, a person suffering from this disease will suffer from muscle weakness and potential muscle loss. This can lead to more serious muscular disorders. 4. Most people who suffer from this disease not only don t eat enough but also don t even drink enough water. This can result in severe dehydration which can ultimately lead to kidney failure. 5. Less serious symptoms, but certainly cause for concern, are overall weakness including fatigue and fainting, which in itself can be dangerous when behind the wheel of a car. 6. People suffering from this disease also suffer from thin and dry hair. Hair loss is very common. 7. Because of the overall deterioration of the body, a covering of hair begins to grow over the body in an effort to keep the body warm. And now a few statistics about this disease that you may or may not be aware of. a. About 90-95% of the people who suffer from this disease are women, most of them young girls. b. About 1% of all American women suffer from Anorexia Nervosa. c. Of all the psychiatric disorders, Anorexia Nervosa is the most common diagnosed in women in general. d. The mortality rate of people suffering from Anorexia Nervosa is between 5 and 20%. The probability of death increases with the length of time the person has been suffering from the disease. e. Anorexia Nervosa has one of the highest rates of death of all mental disorders. f. The disease itself usually shows itself in early to mid adolescence. The treatments for this disease are similar to the treatments for Bulimia. It is important that immediate psychiatric help is gotten for the sufferer. The quicker the diagnosis and treatment the greater the chance for survival. ------------------------------------------------------- Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Eating Disorders -------------------------------------------------------

Become a Professional Artist for Not Much Money

There are several beliefs surrounding the art world, the first of which is that artists are born talented. There may have been a few artists in history who had such perfect hand/eye coordination that art came easily, but most professional artists have studied their craft over a number of years. Most of the great painters of Renaissance fame participated in apprenticeships that lasted for years. In fact, the Greek term for artist is techne , directly translating to master of a craft . The Greeks did not hold artists in the high regard we do today because they saw artists as technicians, masters of a set of techniques, not divinely inspired beings. To a degree, the Greek perspective is valid, there is a set of techniques that anybody can learn which will produce decent art. As far as inspiration goes, is freely available to any human who looks for it. Techniques can be learned either by investing in an expensive education, or by the much cheaper alternative of reading a lot of books. Once you find all of the books and art supplies you need, practice, practice, and practice some more. No one learns to draw, paint, or sculpt overnight. No one is born knowing how to draw, paint or sculpt. Keep trying new things until you learn how to get the effects you want. If you are determined you will see your art skills growing exponentially. Once you have the skills necessary, then there is the ever present problem of marketing. Someone may be able to draw or paint beautifully, but what if no one knows about it? Marketing venues can include galleries, community art centers, coffee shops, restaurants, and of course, online venues. There are many of each option. Use your local directory to find the galleries and show venues near to home. The Internet offers many different formats of online shop or showcase, so feel free to look around as much as you need to find the right format for you. Online resources often offer the most cost-efficient alternatives to other art necessities as well. For example, the Internet is a good place to find good quality art supplies that are less expensive than in a brick and mortar store. If money is really limited, choose an art form that doesn t require as much outlay. Such art forms include Conte crayons, pastels, colored pencils, and charcoal. All you really need is a reputable online supplier of art supplies and artist grade custom sized papers . Other art forms get more costly, but even the most expensive is no more than a few hundred dollars outlay to get started with. There are many places on the web to show your works for free or relatively cheaply, but you must also show family, friends, and anyone who will sit still long enough. Get involved in your local art community and show them too. One of the best methods that artist friends of mine use is placing a suitable work of art on personalized backpacks or other usable items for their own use and for sale. Remember, you re a visual artist. Show, don t tell. Let your work speak for itself, and you will find those who must have it. Good luck, and may your art career skyrocket! Loni L. Ice is a freelance writer/editor, who lives in Lawrence, KS, caught in a happy cyclone of rampant creativity. Visit her website, Ice and Ink for a look at what solutions she can offer for any writing need. All rights reserved.

Barack Obama Has Every Right Not to Acknowledge The American Flag

Presidential front runner Barack Obama has a lot of innovative ideas and concepts for the World and especially the United States of America. Not long ago, Barack Obama was video taped at a Presidential Candidate event where he did not recite the Pledge of Allegiance and did not put his hand on his heart. Opposing Republican candidate supporters took the opportunity to send this all over the Internet in massive e-mailings that reached over 100 million people in only a few days. What people do not understand about all this is that my ancestors died so others could have the right to do such things. Barack Obama has every right not to salute the American flag, he is an American Citizen and he has every right to burn that flag, as long as it is his property or desecrate it. Barack Obama, has those rights, no one should take that away from him, nor should they make a big deal out of how he really feels about this great nation we have here. If Barack Obama wants to go shake hands and meet with Iran to talk with them about why they support International Terrorist Groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to the tune of 100s of millions of dollars per year, let him go. If Barack Obama believes that it is okay for Iran to bring in armored piercing weapons to Iraq to kill US Troops, he has every right to believe that. In fact, Barack Obama has every right to dishonor the flag and even hate this country if he chooses. Just like I have every right to vote for someone else. L. Winslow is an Economic, Political and Technology Advisor to the Online Think Tank, a Futurist and retired entrepreneur Currently Mr. Winslow is planning a bicycle ride from Canada to Mexico and in Spring across the US from San Diego to Virginia Beach to raise money for charity. Previously he was a track star athlete, private pilot, involved in politics, community volunteerism and a Franchising Founder. Mr. Winslow has chosen 100 titles of Books he wishes to write and has completed ten thus far. The subjects include; Community Planning, Future Tech, Franchising, Small Business, and Third World Issues.

Gastroenteritis - Upset Stomach - Stomach Flu

Gastroenteritis is an upset of the stomach. Gastroenteritis causes nausea and vomiting. You may also have diarrhea or a fever. It is sometimes called”stomach flu” but it is not the flu. Germs like viruses and bacteria can cause it. You can catch it from someone else who has it, or you can get it from food poisoning. Food poisoning can happen if you eat foods that contain harmful germs. germs can get into food while the food is growing, during processing, or when it sis prepared. you may also become ill after eating meat or eggs that weren’t cooked enough or by eating other unsafe foods or water. You will probably begin to feel better in 1or 2 days, but you might feel bad for a week. In the meantime, get plenty of rest and make sure you do not become dehydrated. Dehydration occurs when your body loses too much fluid. This can happen when you throw up a lot or have diarrhea. How can you prevent from Gastroenteritis? he best thing you can do to keep from catching Gastroenteritis from someone else is to make a habit of washing your hands often. This is especially important after you use the bathroom, after you change a baby’s diaper and before you eat or prepare food. Don’t share personal items like forks and spoons, toothbrushes, tongue cleaner, and towels. Try not to be around others who have stomach flu. Keep your hands away from from nose, eyes, and mouth. What should you do at home? * Drink plenty of fluids. Choose water and other caffeine- free clear fluids until you feel better. If you have kidney, heart or liver disease and have to limit fluids, talk to your doctor before you increase how much fluid you drink. * Drink fluids slowly, in frequent, small amounts. Drinking too fast can cause vomiting. * Electrolytes should also be replaced, especially if vomiting or diarrhea last longer than 24 hrs. Electrolytes are minerals in your blood that keep many systems in your body working smoothly. If you have long period and diarrhea, you can lose minerals. sports drinks, which contain a mix of salt, sugar and minerals may replace electrolytes. Please visit url

Castro and Osama are for Barraco Obama

Castro speaks with authority to the American People and his statement is clear; VOTE for Barraco Obama. Why you ask? Well several other Democratic Candidates have stated that when Castro dies that they would like to seed democratic rule and democracy in Cuba. It is amazing that Castro even at his age is still trying to influence American Politics and if he has his way, he sees a lot of hope in Barraco Osama as President of the United States. If you will recall Obama did mention that if he was elected president he would go visit Castro, Hugo Chavez, the President of Iran, whose name no one can spell or pronounce and Kim Jon Il of North Korea. Perhaps Obama would also open up negotiations and go visit Osama too? After all both their fathers were Muslim. As crazy as this all sound Obama has a huge following in the US and Castro knows it and wants to help him get elected: CNN: Add another name to the list of political observers who think a Clinton-Obama ticket would be unbeatable: Cuban leader Fidel Castro. In an editorial in Cuba s communist party newspaper, Granma, the ailing dictator said the pairing of the two White House hopefuls seemed andquot;invincible,andquot; according to an English translation.andquot; The question is would you vote for Obama, knowing that Fidel Castro, Cuba s Dictator wants him to lead you? Many say it does not matter what Castro thinks, provided he is indeed still capable of complex thought, they are voting for Osama anyway, because he is America s new hope. Obama will most likely take the Black American vote by storm and this worries many other Presidential hopeful competitors. What say you? L. Winslow is an Economic Advisor to the Online Think Tank, a Futurist and retired entrepreneur . Currently he is planning a bicycle ride across the US to raise money for charity and is sponsored by and all the proceeds will go to various charities who sign up.

Celebrity Hairstyles Of 2006 - An Overview

We are fascinated by celebrities and their lives. So fascinated in fact that many of us will try to copy both their lifestyles and their looks. A glance at celebrity hairstyles of 2006 explains the benefits of these hairstyles and why women (and men sometimes) should adopt them. Although celebrities are changing their looks all the time, some of these hairstyles have an evergreen feel to them. Among some of the more way out styles are smooth and curly styles that are based on styles from the sixties and seventies. These retro styles are given a slight modern twist and are adopted by celebrities who then set the trend for the rest of us. Medium to Longer Hair Most of the celebrity hairstyles of 2006 are aimed at people who have grown their hair. Reece Witherspoon star of the blockbuster Sweethome Alabama is rapidly catching up with Julia Roberts as the highest paid female star. Women want to look like her and because she sports a style that has withstood the tests of time it is a good bet that many women will be having their hair styled in the same way. It’s a style that’s been around since the sixties and seventies and is popular because of its carefree look. Large, loose curls ensure that the style easily falls into place which means that you can go from work to a night on the town with no problems. Shorter Hairstyles There are not many short celebrity hairstyles of 2006 but taking a look around we can see that Britney Spears has had her locks shortened and gone for a shorter, shaggier style. This star still has a huge following among younger girls which means that this is probably one of the celebrity hairstyles of 2006 that we can expect to see more of. Labeled as a bob by the press it is a bit of a misnomer. Bobs tend to be very neat and tidy whereas this style tends to be more shaggy. The style gets its shabby appearance from the roll back that is a result of bangs and a slight feathering around the bottom. Just as she dumped black for blond, this short for long look shows that Britney is determined to keep her look fresh and new. Curly Styles If you aren’t keen on the straight or shaggy looks that have been part of the celebrity hairstyles of 2006 then you might want to take a look at Shanna Moakla’s style. The head turning and caressable softness of this look is definitely back in style. Forget the feathering, the latest in celebrity hairstyles of 2006 sees a return of volume, achieved by the use of big, heated rollers. So get started and give yourself the hairstyles of the stars. Summary Celebrity hair styles of 2006 are old favorites with a modern twist. Interest in every aspect of celebrities lives also extends to their hairstyles. So watch out for a lot of copy cats. Celebrity Hairstyles of 2006 Check out this stunning picture gallery and commentaries of top Celebrity Hair Styles of 2006

Female Tattoos - What Women Want!

Women are increasingly opting for large tattoos. New school hearts, stars, roses and tribal tattoo designs on the lower back are increasingly being asked for by females. Women are definitely becoming more experimental in the shapes and sizes of their designs. Stereotypes and the stigma associated with tattoos prevented women from feeling confident with a tattoo up until even a decade ago. They don t want to be told what they can and cannot do. 40 or 50 years ago 10 percent of people with tattoos were women. Now it s close to 65 percent. A lot of tattooists report that when musicians, especially hip-hop artists get tattoos, there is usually an influx of clients wanting that particular tattoo.The popularity of lower back and stomach placement of tattoos suggests that most women still don t want their tattoos to be too noticeable and also a desire for a more sexual placement of the tattoo. See Erotic Tattoos and Hip Hop and Rapper Tattoos for further reading. When it comes down to it, its what makes you feel good. Its going to be around for quite a while so you may as well choose a tattoo that has lasting appeal. There are so many good tattoo designs and custom pieces a tattoo artists can do nowadays so don t be tempted to get some cartoon character such as Betty Boop off the wall which will date really fast and end up looking tacky. Tattoos - Designs, Galleries and Free eZine Tao of Tattoos

PR Planning - How Do You Create A PR Plan?

PR Planning - How Do You Create A PR Plan? Your Public Relations (PR) plan might be one page or many. It does not really matter - the key is to have one. Ad hoc PR will get you some results but will not be as successful, or cost effective, as a sustained campaign. Often, people just focus on activity in relation to PR. This can have its uses but will not achieve the perception ‘shift’ you are looking for. There are vital steps you need to take in devising a PR plan. * Audit â€" you need to have a clear idea of where your organisation is in terms of the perceptions of the audiences that are important to you. PR is all about perception â€" creating, enhancing or changing it. You should not embark on any PR until you know exactly what your key audiences think, feel and believe about your organisation. This also gives you a helpful benchmark against which you can measure any activity. * Aspiration â€" this is key. Where exactly do you want your organisation to be in terms of perception. Put everything aside that could stand in your way â€" this is about the big picture and how you want your organisation to be perceived and known. * Aims â€" you need to get into the detail and spell out exactly what you want to achieve. ‘More profile’ is not enough â€" you need to define your objectives in a way in which they can be measured â€" they need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. * Audiences â€" it is essential that you identify the audiences that are important to you. Achieving national press and media coverage may be good for the ego but does it really help you get the messages across to your key audiences? * Attention â€" any campaign needs robust and specific key messages. They underpin your communication and help you in assessing your campaign’s success. * Activity and Application â€" this is where the fun starts. By now you will have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and who you are targeting. The key is now to come up with the creative ideas that will provide you with the opportunity to get your messages across as effectively as possible. That could involve many different activities â€" from events and competitions to research, celebrity involvement and online forums. * Assessment â€" if you have done your job properly with regard to carrying out your audit and setting your objectives then assessment should fall neatly into place. These are essential elements in devising and implementing an effective PR plan. You neglect them at your peril. You would not throw money out of the window â€" so why embark on PR activity without a robust plan? These steps form the 7As PR Planning model - copyright of Profile Matters Ltd. Using PR to build your profile and protect your reputation can help you influence the audiences that are important to you - I invite you to access more free articles, tips and information on this and other subjects by visiting the free stuff section of the website - You can also receive regular advice, support and information by signing up to the newsletter via the website as well as accessing the DIY PR Toolkit, designed to give businesses a step-by-step approach to doing their own PR. Debbie Leven - Profile Matters - PR Consultants UK

A Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Can Be Your Best Legal Advisor

Celebrities are always in the public eye whether they like it or not. It is as if their lives are always in the limelight where the public scrutinizes their every move and participates in each aspect of their lives, no matter how private and personal the occasion it may be. A celebrity marriage makes it to the headlines without any effort and a celebrity divorce can create even more ripples in tinsel town. It is therefore necessary for the celebrity couple to take their steps very carefully before they take any crucial decisions about their lives. So in case of a divorce it is advisable and practical to appoint a celebrity divorce lawyer to handle the case with the necessary expertise. A celebrity divorce lawyer is competent enough to handle the attention that the case is destined to receive. A lawyer with lesser expertise would find himself with the media attention and may get diverted from the case. A celebrity lawyer is however accustomed to the scenario through his previous experience with similar cases and is also trained to handle the situation in a competent manner. A celebrity who is facing a trying time in the form of a divorce would want someone to handle the media and manage the legalities with the minimum hassle. In this case a celebrity divorce lawyer will be the ideal option to fight the case on the celebrity’s behalf. The lawyer will be the professionally qualified individual who can work out any kind legal loopholes and ensure a justifiable deal for his client. A celebrity divorce lawyer is well aware of the fact that the case he is handling is a high profile case and thus any mistake or wrong move on his part could have serious implications for his future career. It also ensures that the lawyer will be additionally careful before deciding on a plan of action and building up the case for his client. A divorce also involves many issues like the division of financial assets and a sensitive issue like child custody. In this scenario a celebrity divorce lawyer is well aware that the media and the general public will have their eyes set on every aspect of the case and the decisions taken will also affect the public’s perception of the celebrity and the lawyer handling the case. It is matter of great pride and prestige for the celebrity divorce lawyer if he can manage to get his client a favorable decision and deal. A celebrity divorce lawyer also gets to share the limelight as long as he is dealing with a celebrity couple. It is his chance to prove himself to the public and the media and this induces him to give his best shot. Unlike other divorce cases, a celebrity divorce is bound to be talked about for many years to come and hence the celebrity divorce lawyer can make his mark by getting his client a fair deal. Hence hiring the professional services of a celebrity divorce lawyer seems to be a winning situation for all involved in the case. Damyel Flower is an exprienced divorce lawyer.He has successfully handled many divorce cases.He gives advice to clients who are looking for art lawyer,Divorce lawyer NYC, celebrity divorce lawyer .To hire services of a lawyer in New York and any legal advice visit

Introduction to Art Conservation

Art Conservation and preservation go together. In fact, the very purpose of art conservation is to preserve what we were and what we are now for the generations that will follow us. Art consists of all of the things created by man with his imagination. The Conservation profession is dedicated to preserving the artifacts created by man for the enjoyment and education of future generations. What is art conservation? It is the field of the preservation of art. It differs a bit from art restoration. Art conservation approaches the idea of preservation from the aspect of prevention. Art restoration attempts to restore objects to their original form. Preventive conservation is an essential element of any group such as a museum or gallery that holds works of art. The idea is to carefully monitor the condition of the art and the environment surrounding it to minimize any damage. This includes the normal damage from aging and exposure to the elements. This is done by control of the environment and also continuously checking the condition of the art. Art conservationist and art restorers are sometimes at odds over their different approaches to preservation. The feelings of the conservationist are that the use of modern materials to touch up a work of art in an attempt to restore it to its original look actually is destroying the integrity of the work. It is no longer a historic piece of art, but something half old and half new. Often, there is compromise between art conservation and restoration when the restorer is careful to use materials that can easily be removed to improve the appearance of the art. This process is called reversibility. In other words, the art can be reversed by the removal of the touch up materials to its original historic form. Art conservation often includes the cleaning of works of art. This is considered to be part of the conservation process because dirt, grime, and pollution are serious culprits in the deterioration of the art. Even cleaning can cause some concern due to the potential damage of the cleaning agents. Usually, cleaning is done very carefully under lab conditions. Art conservation is a very important field and several American Universities have programs for advanced study of it. In the past, little thought was given to the preservation of great works of art and as a result they have been lost to us forever. The creative work of mankind is a legacy that deserves to be passed on to future generations so that they can understand who we were and what our dreams were all about. Art is a reflection of the human race and part of its history and belongs as much to the future as it does to the present. Aazdak Alisimo art conservation articles for

It s Hot To Be A Mommy!

It s Hot To Be A Mommy! First we saw Madonna... Then came Cindy Crawford, followed by Heidi Klum, Britney Spears, Denise Richards and Angelina Jolie... The list goes on as it seems that every day a new mom pops into the scene... Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera... Let s face it - being a mommy is hot! Yes... There is a Baby Boom happening throughout Hollywood’s celebrity scene, and without a doubt, that means each day we see more and more celebrity mommies flaunting their beautifully pregnant bellies, followed by then revealing their sexy, flawless post-baby figure... And then, in no time at all... They fully go back to work on their extremely successful careers. Times have changed... Moms have changed... it s an outright Hot Mommy revolution! Unlike women from two or more decades ago, today’s mommies view pregnancy and motherhood as one more wonderful stage in their lives for which to show pride and confidence. Gone are the days in which pregnant women tried every single trick to “hide” their bellies, as if a pregnant woman’s changing body was a reason of shame â€" a way of declaring to the rest of the world that her life was officially “over.” Perhaps it was Demi Moore’s Vanity Fair cover in August 1991 what triggered the beginning of this change in the perception of pregnancy and motherhood. Before then, no Hollywood celebrity or beauty icon would even dream of displaying to the public a less-than-perfect waistline, much less a protruding 8-month pregnant belly. It took many decades, one controversial magazine cover and an endless number of declarations by many, now proud mommies, celebrity beauty icons, to finally make us realize that pregnancy is not a condition to be ashamed of, to hide and, much less, to mark the end of a woman’s beauty and professional career. Today’s moms feel the need to show to the world that they are still beautiful and that their personal and professional lives are far from over. They take care of their health and their physical appearance, at the same time that they balance their work and family lives. Modern moms are not only strong and practical, they are also fun, beautiful, sensual and intelligent. Today’s mommies celebrate not only their personal and professional accomplishments â€" they also celebrate the miracle of life and the process that it implicates. Today’s moms deserve to be acknowledged as Hot Mommies, and this is simply a true revolution, a moment in history in which society’s way of thinking is changing... For the better! Yvonne Levy is an internationally recognized Perinatal Fitness expert with the gift of making mommies and mommies-to-be of all shapes and sizes look and feel sexy, hot and beautiful. A successful fitness professional since 1999, Yvonne is the creator of the popular Hot Mommy Fitness celebrity training program. Yvonne s energetic and highly motivational coaching and training style has earned her feature spots on television, radio, in print and on fitness summits including the world-famous Miami Beach Fitness Festival, where she has been a regular presenter since 2003. To find out more about Yvonne Levy, please visit and sign up for her free Hot Mommy Fitness newsletter and receive for free her five day email course 5 Secrets of Celebrity Hot Mommies.

Eliminate Flatulence - 3 Tips

Due of the fast and carefree lifestyle that we are living today, flatulence has become a common problem. Generally people who don t care about what they eat, where they eat, and how clean is the food they are eating suffer from flatulence and ibs. And if people tell you that you are suffering from flatulence only because you are eating junk food, they are clearly misleading you. Sure, junk food can cause flatulence, but there are many other reasons why you maybe suffering from flatulence. Fortunately there are very easy ways to eliminate flatulence. In this article I will tell you about two surefire ways to eliminate flatulence fast. 1. Flatulence can be caused either by fasting or by overeating. You need to see at which time you are suffering from flatulence and gas. If it happens after you fast for hours, or even before you have eaten a morsel of food, then clearly your disease is not food related. In fact, flatulence in your case is simply the result of remaining hungry for hours. The best solution to this problem is to start eating something and more importantly, keep eating something every few hours. This way you would not feel hungry at any time and would be able to eliminate flatulence. Also be sure to keep away from soda drinks. They will do more harm than good to your body; in fact, soda drinks are known to produce even more gas in your intestine. 2. There is a second type of flatulence which is caused by overeating or eating unhygienic foods. If your gas problem occurs after you have eaten something, then most probably it is related to your food habits. However, there is no need to worry as we have got solutions to this problem as well. The best way to eliminate flatulence in this case is to drink different kinds of teas. You can make a tea out of anything that is available in your kitchen cabinet; for example, you could make a cup of tea from ginger, mint, cinnamon, or chamomile, and add a little sugar, or honey to taste. And remember that it is not a brand new treatment for stomach troubles. Our forefathers have used it for ages to eliminate flatulence. There is another remedy you can use to eliminate flatulence. While this remedy doesn t taste good, it actually works. You can mix medical charcoal with hot water and drink it. In case you are wondering if it has really worked for anybody, let me tell you that I have used this treatment successfully on some of my patients. This list is certainly not comprehensive and there maybe other ways to eliminate flatulence. However the solutions I have suggested you above are extremely easy to use and give fast relief from flatulence. Discover Magic Home Remedy To Eliminate Gas Pain For more information on how to eliminate flatulence, visit us at: Article Directory

Israel s Only Way Out: Follow Kahane!

Israel s Only Way Out: Follow Kahane! Israel must make concessions, Israel must do this, Israel must do that, while the Arabs continue to get away with mass murder and terrorism (while promising peace and feigning ignorance), aided and abetted by the international community The Atlantic Times repeats the list of delusional demands upon the Jewish homeland in The Only Way Out: A Stringent Policy of Peace that completely ignores history and the facts on the ground: Israel has no peace partners; Israel has no peace but only an ongoing war of attrition; the entire lying peace process is all part of the phased destruction of Israel that the Israelis have insanely enabled to continue. This harsh reality will soon blow up in the faces of those who have chosen to remain in a state of denial, repeating the big lie of Palestine as the proffered solution Israel must reach an understanding with Syria, drones the asinine article written by a German Jew in a self-imposed exile from the Promised Land of Israel (contrary to Judaism), and then exposes such an understanding amounts to total Israeli surrender of the biblical territories of the Golan Heights (inheritance of Manasseh, son of Joseph) for more worthless promises and toilet paper agreements. The Jewish state must completely pull out of the occupied territories, abandon the settlements there and recognize East Jerusalem as the future Palestinian capital. If Rafael Seligmann, the suicidal author, wants to slit his own throat or offer his head to the Nazi-Muslims, so be it. However, such murderous slander against biblical Judea and Samaria (occupied by covetous Arabs), such hateful incitement against Jewish pioneering communities (let RS take an armed stroll through the destroyed Jewish towns near Gaza , victims of Judenrein policies), and such treacherous talk against Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel, must not be tolerated! A self-respecting Jewish country would rebuke such nonsense (whether its from writers or world leaders) and unequivocally reject such an invitation for disaster. Shame on Seligmann for his defeatist bile that spewed, Now that the military option has been exhausted, Israel must safeguard its future through a brave policy of peace. What a schizophrenic statement! Israel has never truly utilized their military option but have always been restrained by world opinion and lucrative bribes. If the Israelis won t properly defend themselves, they can never enjoy peace but will suffer open season against Israeli men, women, children and babies in strollers with further calls for appeasement and surrender. The German-Jesuit EU knows this full well, and wait in the wings to occupy Jerusalem as peacekeepers. However, the EU is not a savior but a destroyer. The Vatican purposely exploits the Arab-Jewish conflict to breach Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and will soon influence agents to invoke the accursed UN Resolution 181. The aforementioned Seligmann Column of Jewish self-loathing, deliberate deceit and shameful collaboration with hostile elements, crumbles when examined in the brilliant light of history and the Bible: The Israelis were offered the only way out when Meir Kahane, rabbi and former Knesset Member, reminded them of the Law of Moses that teaches peace through strength, treating sworn enemies like sworn enemies and restoring the Temple Mount (Judaism s holiest site) as the Temple Mount without apology or hesitation (Malachi 4:4). It s past time the Israelis come to their senses and acknowledge Kahane was right and succeed, following the direction of the Torah, or the Jews will continue to suffer escalating consequences for disobedience and Jerusalem will suffer defeat (Daniel 9:11). David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe s Rise and Fall. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, his analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out the Beyond Babylon blog.

I m New! Don t Waste My Time!

I m New! Don t Waste My Time! We old fogies (those of us with more than a year of experience) like to advise the newbies in our lives on how to work efficiently and productively and Gawd Forbid - how not to WASTE TIME! What are some time wasters in our business? How about: 1. Working with an unqualified buyer? 2. Talking to renters? 3. Showing a listing to an already-represented buyer? (who calls off the yard sign) 4. Preparing a CMA for a seller who wants to move sometime next year? 5. Having lunch with friends who already know lots of real estate agents? 6. Helping an acquaintance appeal her tax assessment? Well, in this old fogie s humble opinion, there s NO SUCH THING as wasting time in your first year if you re doing something that: 1. Puts you in front of a warm body and/or 2. Teaches you something about your real estate market Let s take time-waster #3 above - showing an office listing to an already-represented buyer. Here s the scenario. You re sitting on floor time twiddling your thumbs, or maybe working up the nerve to call a few FSBO s. The phone rings. You find yourself talking with a buyer who is sitting out in front of one of your office s listing. He wants to see it right away. He tells you he already has a buyer agent, but he can t seem to track him down today. He s just so busy, y know. So... can YOU show it to him? Option I ~ Tell the buyer in no uncertain terms that you don t work for free and he needs to wait for his own agent! Option II ~ Cheerfully say Sure! Give me some time to notify the owner and I ll meet you there in 30 minutes! What s your phone number in case there s a problem? Let s say you select Option I . Here s what you accomplished: You re still sitting at your desk, twiddling your thumbs, but by gawd, you didn t waste your time. And, oh yeah, you probably confirmed the buyer s opinion that real estate agents are jerks. Conversely, with Option II , you: ~ Practiced showing homes and building rapport with strangers ~ Possibly learned just a little more about your market ~ Met someone who just might end up being your biggest referral source (you never know) ~ Met someone who just might be the love of your life (you never know!) ~ Got your backside off the chair and OUT INTO THE WORLD ~ Improved, just a little, the public s perception of real estate agents And maybe, just maybe... you ll get yourself a client if the buyer decides you re way cooler than his missing-in-action agent. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Get off your butt and go waste some time! Jennifer Allan is the author of Sell with Soul: The New Agent s Guide to an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate . Jennifer preaches that agents should strive to be competent real estate advisors, rather than competent real estate prospectors. That agents should respect the intelligence of their clients, rather than attempt to insult that intelligence with aggressive closing techniques. She preaches that agents should appreciate the significant commissions paid by their clients, rather than complain that they, themselves, are not appreciated. To read more about Jennifer s books or her soulful philosophy, visit her website at

Everything You Need To Know About Chinese Dragon Tattoos

The Chinese dragon tattoo is a classic choice for inking. The Chinese dragon is a mythical Chinese creature, and is also called the Oriental (or Eastern) dragon. Depicted as a long, snake-like creature with four short limbs, in contrast to the Western counterpart which stands on two legs and which is usually portrayed as evil, Chinese dragons are portrayed as good, kind, and intelligent, and share a close connection with water, while the west counterparts controls fire to show its mythical power. The Chinese dragon is said to have the head of a camel, the horns of a deer, the eyes of a rabbit, the ears of a cow, the neck of a snake, the belly of a fog, the scales of a carp, the claws of a hawk, and the palm of a tiger. it has whiskers and a beard, and it is deaf. This is merely a general description and does not apply to all Chinese dragons, but this is the common appearance in tattoo designs. You may see that Chinese dragons have five, four and three claws in difference tattoo designs. In Chinese history, the five claw dragon is the Chinese imperial dragon which was exclusively used by Chinese Emperors. Nowadays, the five claw dragon tattoos symbolize power, freedom and wisdom. Chinese dragons are the most popular tattoo design for inking in China. Modern Chinese tattoo artists have taken the art of the dragon to amazing new levels. Whether you want a full body (back) design or a half sleeve design, you will find an incredible gallery of amazing tattoo designs to choose from. Chinese Jade dragon is the traditional design, but you may find modern Chinese dragon tattoo designs in a wide variety of color, such as red, yellow, blue, black and even purple. Chinese dragon may appear with sea wave or clouds or Buddha in tattoo designs. Whatever tattoo designs and colors you pick up for inking is generally based on your personal preferences. The popular locations for inking Chinese dragon tattoos. Chinese dragon tattoos can wrap around the body and flatter the contours of the body, it is suited for inking on full body, full back, arms and legs. But the most popular location is half sleeve, the body of the dragon wrap around the upper arm and the dragon head extend out the upper front, just above the heart. Where to Find Perfect Chinese dragon tattoo Designs for Inking? Increasingly, web sites have popped up to specifically help people find tattoo designs. In general, you may find both free and paid tattoo designs, At first glance, free looks pretty good, right? The point is, you get what you pay for, websites that post free tattoo designs which are donated by anyone who can draw Chinese Dragons, therefore the quality of designs to be found in free flash galleries is generally pretty poor, this is definitely not a good way for people to find designs that they would want to put on their bodies permanently. In contrast to the free designs, the paid tattoo designs come from professional Chinese tattoo artists, and the variety of paid designs is copious enough for you to pick up the perfect one for inking. Moreover, the paid per design includes the matching stencil outline which your tattooist will use to create the actual tattoo on your body. Many tattooists will actually charge more if you bring in a design without stencils to pay for the time it takes them to create them. What if I told you there is a website that makes searching for Chinese And Japanese dragon tattoo Designs easy? They have thousands of great looking, categorized tattoo designs that you can browse through at your leisure , from the comfort of your home. Yingying is a Chinese Tattoo Artist who has put her dragon tattoo collection online, is the result of ten years of collecting dragon tattoos from all parts of the globe. It enable anyone to discover the perfect dragon tattoo design for themselves. has thousands of great looking, categorized dragon tattoo designs that you can browse through at your leisure, from the comfort of your home... Best of All, The Chinese dragon tattoo designs are exclusively accessible through this website, and all tattoo designs come from award winning tattoo artists.

2007 Celebrity Hairstyles Revealed and Explained

Experts say there are four hot and sexy 2007 celebrity hairstyles that will be around for some time. Short is in, lots of celebrity stars will be losing their long hairstyles this season, if they haven t already done so. The cool and business like look as worn by Ellen Degeneres and Hilary Clinton will get shorter and punkier. Hair will be longer on the top and short-short on the back and the sides - think business-like but messy. Some of the styles will be almost mannish in their look. The bob is back and in its cropped form can be seen on Victoria Beckham and plenty of other famous faces. This is cropped short at the back and curved onto the face in the front. Even if Posh isn t your favorite celebrity model, the look is set to run throughout the year. 2007 Celebrity hairstyles go from short and funky, to shaggy and sexy, side parted, and ending up with long and wavy. The shaggy look can be seen a lot on TV reality shows and it relies on shine and condition. The idea is to use gel and styling cream to achieve a just got out of bed look . Men are already sporting shorter versions of this - it s set to be a head turner during 2007. The masculine side part has been an integral part of recent fashion shows. The side part is a classic style that leaves room for maneuver, it can be smooth and trendy or sexy rock chic. Experts say it is about to take the scene by storm in 2007. Long and wavy, but not too tidy and neat hair, is set to be a winner this year. When you think of this style think Jessica Alba. Use a saltwater spray on damp hair to bring out the natural curls and waves, then scrunch it dry. The salt spray is the latest product in New York City Salons and bound to be a winner for 2007 celebrity hairstyles. See what YOU look like with the latest 2007 celebrity hairstyles - view them on your own uploaded photo now! Try On 5,000 Hairstyles! FREE Demo

Dolphin Tattoos And The Symbolism Behind Them

Guys that are into the ocean and surfing or body boarding often like to get dolphin tattoos done. This article looks at some of the potential symbolism behind a dolphin tattoo and why they might be so popular. This is why dolphin tattoos and the symbolism behind them is so popular. Being from southern California myself I love dolphin tattoos and the symbolism behind them. A dolphin tattoo is a great little reminder to yourself to have fun out of life and spend some time just frolicking around and enjoying life. This of course leads most of us to the obvious symbolism behind dolphins and dolphin tattoos. Are you interested in getting a dolphin tattoo. One thing that makes dolphin tattoos so popular is the almost universally positive symbolism behind a dolphin. However many men are getting dolphin tattoos also. Seeing a white flower tattoo brings up the idea of purity, while the color of red on a flower can mean the blood of Christ or burning passion. Flower tattoos are permanent, so look around before deciding on one. If you are looking for a flower tattoo you probably cannot go wrong with a Hibiscus flower, second to the rose. Floral tattoos - So many girls are getting flower tattoos as full sleeve tattoos or covering their entire back or legs with floral designs. In modern times the meaning of a lotus flower tattoo ties into it is religious symbolism and meaning. Flower tattoos are mostly favored by women, they are like clothes accessories except that you can wear your tattoo to bed. But if you are intending to ink a flower tattoo on your body, it s best to find out the meaning of the flower and what you want it to represent. The more established and popular tattoos can be classified mainly as Angel tattoos, Butterfly tattoos, Celtic tattoos, Cross tattoos, Dragon tattoos, Fairy tattoos, Flower tattoos, Henna tattoos, Lower Back tattoos and Tribal tattoos. Designs - Based on the designs of the Tattoos such as Angel Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoos, Fairy Tattoos, and Flower Tattoos. Flower tattoos are popular with the natives of the island along with women. Thus a lotus flower tattoo or blossom can also represent a hard time in life that has been overcome. Cross tattoos and Flower tattoos [Specifically Lotus flower], indicate a religious expression. Dolphin tattoos of course are more typical for women to get. Soli Katir

California s Premier Coastal Housing Community

California s Premier Coastal Housing Community Renowned for its gorgeous beaches, nice weather, and affordable housing Oceanside, California has made its mark on the map. With the community s steadily increasing attraction, homes for sale in Oceanside are in demand. Potential real estate buyers searching for a beautiful ocean front location with bargain housing should this popular community. An Ideal Location Situated just 35 miles north of San Diego and 90 miles south of Los Angeles, this area offers the best of both worlds; small town charm with close access to the big city. The northern most coastal city in San Diego County, Oceanside has more than three miles of beautiful Pacific Ocean coastline, perfect for almost any outdoor activity. Swimming, fishing, body boarding, or jogging, this city caters to any age and any activity. Surfing is the premier sport here, with the city hosting numerous surfing competitions yearly. Known for its ideal weather, rated the second most desirable climate in the United States, and the fifth most desirable in the world, those investing in homes for sale in Oceanside can bask in the beauty of nature. The summer months brings temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, while temperatures in the winter months drop to a pleasant 60 degrees. Reasonably Priced Real Estate This is considered to be a medium-sized community, and has a population of 200,000. The community been forced to build additional housing units to keep up with its expanding population. There are currently 3,500 housing units currently under construction . These properties will be added to the existing 55,000 Oceanside housing units. Homebuyers will find a variety of housing possibilities, including both traditional and contemporary single-family homes, apartments, townhouses, and condominiums. Real estate in this coastal area is known for being some of the most affordable in the entire state of California. The average price for these homes range from $450,000 to $600,000. For a resort town located in Southern California, this price tag is definitely a bargain. Recreational Activities Abound There are large variety of recreational activities and entertainment spots encircling this California community. One of Oceanside s best kept secrets, the Guajome Regional Park is located in the historic San Luis Rey valley. This beautiful ecological reserve is an ideal place for all members of the family. Several trails provide access for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. There is also a lake- perfect for a leisurely fishing trip. The famed Oceanside Harbor is another must visit when touring the area. Featuring many small shops and restaurants, the Harbor is almost like a tiny coastal village. The Harbor also offers deep sea fishing, wave runner and boat rentals, and romantic dinner cruises. John Harris is a researcher and writer on real estate topics such as economics, credit improvement tips, home selling advice and home buying preparations. For more information please visit Homes for Sale in Oceanside

Tattoos and Celebrities

Over the years tattoos have caught rage with Hollywood celebrities to such an extent that more than these stars their tattoos are getting more attention. One of the biggest stars who carry tattoos with élan is Angelina Jolie and has been know to wear a number of tattoos all around her body. She has been known to wear Thai tiger, tribal dragon and a number of Latin verses on her arms and shoulders. The trend of tattoos started catching up with Hollywood celebrities in the sixties and as far as I can remember Janis Joplin was one of the first celebrities who got tattooed by Lyle Tuttle who is considered to be the forefather of American tattooing. Even one of the sexiest celebrities on Earth Johnny Depp has been known to sport tattoo on his arms which a number of fans have emulated. David Beckham too is known for his love for tattoos and has been caught sporting a range of tattoos both on and off the field with the likes of Hindu scriptures too appearing on his body. Even rock bands have been found to sport tattoos giving a further push to the popularity of this art. If you love Red Hot Chilli Peppers then you would probably even love the tattoos which they have been sporting over the years. Other stars such as Pharrel, 50 cents and Justin Timberlake too have been sporting tattoos as a tool for expression. You can probably consider celebrities as unofficial brand ambassador for tattoos. They surely have highlighted the art of tattoo in good light making it one of the most asked for art in the industry. You will find a number of fans emulating the tattoos worn by their favorite stars and this in itself will make you realize that this art will only gain further popularity in the years to come. Read more about your favorite Tattoos you can also read about some other interesting topics like tribal tattoos

Celebrities Love Botox

Virginia Madsen is one Hollywood star who’s open about her Botox treatments. Rather than hide them, Madsen isn’t ashamed to admit that she uses the procedure conservatively not for her fans or a guy but to feel great about herself. I don t want to be 25. I m 45. I love the way I look. I feel better than I ever have in my life,” the sexy star said. As the model for the “Keep the Wisdom, Lose the Lines” campaign of the National Women’s Health Resource Center, Madsen hopes to educate women about injectable cosmetic treatments. Desperate Housewives’ star Teri Hatcher can’t seem to make up her mind whether or not she loves Botox. Last year, she admitted being a Botox fan in the past but decided that she would rather age naturally and gracefully. I haven t had anything done to my face in over a year. And I don t plan to. It needs to be OK to have wrinkles, she told fans. This year, she told the Daily Express that she never had Botox injections nor does she plan to get them. Since it was approved for cosmetic purposes in 2002, Botox’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. Celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Elizabeth Hurley, Ryan Seacrest, Celine Dion, Madonna, Cher, Kim Cattrall, and Kylie Minogue are suspected of using it. But the Botox Club isn’t confined to TV or movie stars. Thousands of men and women all over the world rely on this non-surgical procedure to fight wrinkles and the number of converts is increasing. “The reason Botox has become so popular is due to the simplicity of the procedure. It does not require hospital admission, there are no surgical scars, no anesthesia and the results are visible in a few days,” according to an article in MediIndia.Com. Botox is the brand name of the botulinum toxin type A, the purified form of the toxin secreted by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. When taken in large amounts, this toxin causes the food poisoning botulism. In small doses, Botox paralyzes specific muscles and stops them from contracting. This relaxes the muscles around wrinkles and makes the latter less noticeable. Botox is currently used by doctors as a temporary treatment for moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, and wrinkles on the forehead. “Not all facial wrinkles benefit from Botox injections, however. Botox won t reverse wrinkling caused by sun damage. Also, it s less effective treating the lines around your mouth because muscles in this area are needed for eating and talking. Your skin type, skin thickness and degree of wrinkling all play a role in determining whether these injections are effective for you,” said the MayoClinic.Com. Moreover, the procedure is not free from side effects. Adverse reactions include pain and bruising at the injection site, redness, headache, nausea, and temporary facial weakness. At the hands of an inexperienced doctor, Botox injections can be dangerous. For your safety and protection, choose a board certified physician. If you’d rather be sure than sorry, use a product that works like Botox like the Rejuvinol AM/PM Botox Alternative Age-Defying System. This anti-aging system combines the power of the Rejuvinol morning moisturizer that creates firmer, healthier, and younger-looking skin; and the Rejuvox night cream that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Check out for more details. Sharon Bell is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premiere online news magazine

Talk to a Lender Before You Sell Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, and for top dollar, the best thing you can do is to be able to offer your buyers some sound financing options. That’s why developing a relationship with a lender can be the key to a quick sale, and to more money at closing. Some of your potential buyers will have already gotten themselves preapproved with a lender, but many won’t, and being able to offer financing options will open up a number of possibilities for selling your home. The easier you can make finding a loan for your potential buyers, the better your chances of selling your home. Find out what type of loans are available at your local lending institutions, and what kinds of programs they can offer buyers. Ask about income qualifications, credit scores, down payment requirements, both for buyers with good credit and for those whose credit is less than perfect. Ask if the lender will allow you to contribute to the buyer’s closing costs. Get an Accurate Appraisal If a banks or mortgage company uses in-house appraisers, it can sometimes cost you a considerable amount of money at closing. For instance, my husband and I once allowed buyers to use their own lender and ended up netting $13,000 less because of a low appraisal. We discovered later that the bank was known for understating appraisals. Don’t sign a sales contract contingent on the appraisal of a buyer’s lender; draw up your sales contract with a firm price and then give the buyers a specific time to arrange financing, based on that price. You don’t want to have to lower your sales price to reflect a lower appraised value. Make sure that your lender’s appraisers consider properties sold, but not yet closed and competing listings of similar properties when doing their appraisals, and not just past sales, because past sales alone may not give an accurate picture of your home’s true market value in a fast-moving market. Even if buyers say that they are prequalified through a lender, it’s worthwhile to explain that your lender may be able to offer better financing, and that you’re willing to pay a certain portion of their closing costs for them if they’ll use your lender. Having a relationship with a lender who is willing to help your buyers finance your home will give you an edge on your competition, and will go a long way toward selling your house quickly, and for top dollar. (c) Copyright 2004, Jeanette J. Fisher. All rights reserved. Professor Jeanette Fisher, author of Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars, Joy to the Home, and other books teaches Real Estate Investing and Design Psychology. For more articles, tips, reports, newsletters, and sales flyer template, see

5 Tricks For Toning Your Mid-Section After Having A Baby

In my experience working with post-natal women, one of the hardest areas to bring back to “pre-baby” shape is the mid-section. Understandably so - after carrying around their big bundle of joy for all that time, many moms find it difficult to train and tighten their stomachs in a way that will let them get that sexy, tight look again. The following are 5 tricks that women who have had children can use to help get a firmer mid section. 1. Don’t Slouch This is probably the single quickest fix for a weak mid-section. Most women, after having been pregnant for so long tend to have poor posture and as a consequence, their shoulders tend to “hunch” forward. The mere act of standing tall, as if you were standing up against a wall, will help keep your abs tight. Additionally, keeping good posture is an acquired habit and after doing it consistently for a while, the body will begin to do it unconsciously thereby helping you look slimmer and sexier. 2. Exercise First Thing In The Morning Doing a quick workout first thing in the morning ensures that your metabolism revs up and gets going early on. A quick jog, a walk on a treadmill or a few minutes on a stationary bike will help you get your energy flowing before breakfast and will bring up your calorie burning machinery for the rest of the day. Just remember to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, especially if you are exercising immediately after waking up. 3. Get Used To Always “Sucking-In” Your Belly It is a little mentioned fact that most celebrities, when being photographed, actively suck their stomachs in or they risk being captured in those photos with a big, unflattering protruding belly. In other words, most people â€" regardless of their fitness level â€" unless they hold their stomach in, will tend to have their abs bulge out. By actively keeping your abs tightened or “sucked-in” on a regular basis, your abdominal muscles will tend to get used to this state and will hold that tightness even when you are not paying attention or thinking about them. 4. Don’t Forget Your Lower Back Your mid-section consists of more than simply your abdominal muscles. When working your middle, don’t forget to also include exercises that will work your lower back. This will not only help you look tighter and have a better posture but it will also help prevent lower back injuries. 5. Exercise Your Legs Although at first glance both areas may not seem related, your legs are composed of some of the largest muscles in your body and as such, they can be your best allies in helping you burn off large amounts of calories. A combination of aerobic and resistance training for your legs will not only help give you the lean, toned and sexy legs you desire, but by burning extra calories, you will be losing body fat all over your body â€" including from your mid-section. Yvonne Levy is an internationally recognized Perinatal Fitness expert with the gift of making mommies and mommies-to-be of all shapes and sizes look and feel sexy, hot and beautiful. A successful fitness professional since 1999, Yvonne is the creator of the popular Hot Mommy Fitness celebrity training program. Yvonne s energetic and highly motivational coaching and training style has earned her feature spots on television, radio, in print and on fitness summits including the world-famous Miami Beach Fitness Festival, where she has been a regular presenter since 2003. To find out more about Yvonne Levy, please visit and sign up for her free Hot Mommy Fitness newsletter and receive for free her five day email course 5 Secrets of Celebrity Hot Mommies.

Buying Christmas Presents For Men - The Eternal Conundrum

Men are notoriously hard to buy presents for, no matter how creative you are in everyday life. It is all too easy to draw a blank when thinking about what your husband, brother, granddad or uncle might like for Christmas. Conventional masculine gifts proliferate from September onwards in many shops, promoting aftershave, novelty gifts and power tools as must have items. The card section is little better, assuming that your man likes rude jokes and is obsessed with cars - or possibly trains. Such marketing is meant to shape interest as well as satisfy it. Women find themselves bombarded with chocolate, underwear and perfume, but at least these are all fairly useful, whereas a novelty corkscrew is likely to be quickly relegated to a kitchen drawer, never to been seen again. Most people are aware of the subtlety of advertising and expectations, but it is surprising how invidious they can be; before you know it, you are walking out of a DIY store with a gift-wrapped electric screwdriver. After all, with Christmas looming you rationalise that you might not get another chance to buy something suitable. Some businesses realise that women - or other men - need help and are retailing more unusual items such as adventure days out or quality reproductions of intriguing old maps. However, these are for the specialist because not every man wishes to go bungee jumping, no matter what he might say to his friends, and only certain men go weak at the knees at the mention of cartography. But most men like clothes and they are always useful. An obsession with clothes is often quite unfairly attributed to women, but most modern men will admit to taking a keen interest in what they wear. After all, people judge us on our sartorial arrangements and first impressions are important - whether those first impressions are to impress a boss or a prospective girlfriend. Buying clothes or clothing accessories can let your man know that you have taken the trouble to observe what he likes and have discovered his correct size. It might also amuse him to imagine you flicking through rows of men s clothing. After all, he has probably been taken on enough female shopping trips to think that some kind of payback is in order. Mens clothing gifts also have the advantage of being as expensive or as cheap as you choose. For your uncle, a great slim-line tie in a reserved shade of blue might be fitting; for your husband, a trendy biker jacket might be the perfect - and unexpected - present. Instead of politely thanking you for a digital radio, which isn t made by the right company, he is faced with a great coat that he can wear for New Year s parties. But what If you do get it wrong? Well most shops offer exchanges or refunds if that daring gift idea is not quite the thing, thus eliminating any risk. Just remember to keep the receipt!

Comfort over Trendy - The Ugg Boots

In this day and age where people will go long ways and suffer much discomfort just to be counted among the “trendy” and “fashionable”, the Ugg Boot truly stands out as a Pillar against the storm. Originally worn by Australian sheepherders to keep their feet warm, these boots have since 2003, become quite popular in the United States. Such people as Pamela Anderson and Kate Hudson have been known to wear them to keep their feet warm. Many people would regard these Boots as “unfashionable” or “uncool” because the boots look big and odd. Some have even called for a boycott on wearing these boots due to their distaste for its look. Despite all of this, the Ugg boots has been enormously successful and is probably here to stay. Now, you might ask, “why?” or “how?” does a boot that defies all fashion logic stay popular? The answer lies in two simple reasons. First, some people want to stand out from the crowd and differ from the norm. The Ugg boots will definitely make you noticeable in a fashion-conscious crowd. Second, and more importantly, is the fact that these boots are indeed quite comfortable to wear. These boots have been popular with swimmers and surfers since the 1970s and are regularly worn by surfers in California. The design of the boot with its sheepskin results in considerable thermostatic benefits. The boot also boasts fleecy fibers in the interior to allow for air circulation during the summer so your feet to not get overheated. With this combination of warming and cooling, the Ugg boot is the perfect boot for all occasions. Add to this fact that the sheepskin material used to make this boot is generally more comfortable than the standard leather used to make the common boot, and you have a warm and comfortable boot for all seasons. Despite the comfort reasons, many people will still not wear these boots because of their appearance. But Ugg boots now come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors and can generally be incorporated in any kind of apparel you on wearing. Typically since these boots are usually worn in the winter for thermal insulation, you can wear any kind of Ski wear or even long jeans. In fact any kind of long winter insulated pants will look quite normal and fit perfectly with a pair of matching-color Uggs. If you are still worried about what to wear with them, there are many places online such as the Yahoo Answers Forum which will help you pick out the right apparel to wear with your boots. So with these fashion concerns answered, there is no reason why you should not join the rush and buy a pair of Ugg boots for this winter. Visit today for the latest Uggs.

Hairstyles from the 78th Annual Academy Awards

The 78th Annual Awards is a great gala of great looking celebrities. Everyone is dressed their best and have some of the hottest hairstyles. We will take a quick glance at some of the hottest looks for male and female nominees. We start with the best female celebrity hairstyles and there are a huge selection to chose from. Lets start with two England stars Rachel Weisz and Keira Knightley, two great actresses. Rachel Weisz s tie back chignon style was very sleek and tight. The hair is brushed up and arranged smoothly as to present her facial area with much distraction. A very cute look with complex tie back. Keira Knightley s look is quite different with split bangs and a pony tail. The hairstyle is not as elegant as the one from Pride and Prejudice but is still beautiful. Now we go to great blond hairstyles presented by some of the bigger names. Charlize Theron presented two great looks, the first one before presentation with split hair and crunches all around. Her second look during presentation was with split bangs and a very elegant updo. Reese Witherspoon is as usual with a very great hairstyle to match her homely nature. Her simple elegant updo presents a southern touch similar to her Sweet Home Alabama hairstyle. Two hot divorcees that any man would be more than happy to pickup include Jennifer Anniston and Nicole Kidman each with simple, flowing hairstyles slightly sweeped on one side. Both are great looks that are not too fancy. Jada Pinkett Smith shows a very sexy, sleek hairstyle that is sweeped to one side with a simple tie back as well. There are many more hot looks as well. Now lets name those women s hairstyles to avoid. I found Dolly Parton s hairstyle that only she can pull off and definitely no one else should even try. Jessica Alba and Amy Adams both had updos that were not as flattering to their face. Both were not done well and too high for miss Alba s. These hairstyles could have been done better. When it comes to the male celebrity hairstyles, there are a variety of great looks. We start with Jake Gyllenhaal who had a very clean, hairstyle that did not match his slight beard growth. Luke and Owen Wilson presented two very different looks during their presentation. Luke presents the sleek, clean hairstyle while Owen has the wild long hair. Although Owen has done his hair better at other events, they both have descent hairstyles. Now on to the male hairstyles that were not so appealing. Tim Burton is a crazy guy and so is his hairstyle. Most guys should try to avoid this look. Also, Heath Ledger s was just not his best look. With so many prior great looking hairstyles, this one is just not a good one. This hairstyle was more sloppy and just not as appealing. One look that really surprised us was Tom Hank s long hairstyle that just did not seem to fit him. The look was more fitting on Tom Cruise but just not as fitting on Mr. Hanks which shows long hairstyles are not great on all guys. Well this concludes the quick run down on Academy Award hairstyles. Until the next major celebrity event, keep your eyes peeled on those movies and big names in them. Cindy Marcus is the editor of, a popular resource for hairstyles providing tips and resources for new style ideas. For more coverage on the 78th Annual Academy Awards hairstyles and to see other celebrity hairstyles, visit Cindy s site today.

Celebrity Hairstyles Of 2006 - 4 Mistakes To Avoid

Celebrity Hairstyles Of 2006 have set the trend for millions of fashion conscious women around the world. And with good reason! If you re wondering what hairstyle is in fashion, then looking at the various celebrity hairstyles of 2006 is a very cool place to begin. But, there are some important mistakes to avoid before you copy those particular hairstyles: Mistake #1 - Too High Maintenance Do you have a team of hair care professionals on call to tidy up your hair at a moment s notice? If not, don t expect your hairstyle to remain looking fabulous all day. If you like the look of a particular celebrity hairstyle, ask your hairstylist how much work is involved in producing and maintaining the end result! It could be more than you ve bargained for! Then check with yourself if you have the time for the blow-drying, curling, straightening, sculpturing etc. For example, the Jennifer Aniston look requires two sets of conditioning to straighten the hair, then shaping gel and calming serum, finishing by using a flat iron. If you don t have time for this type of routine, go for something that looks great but doesn t need a lot of fuss and bother to get it looking good. Mistake #2 - Wrong Style For Your Face Shape Does your shape face suit the particular celebrity hairstyle you like? It may look absolutely great on Jennifer Lopez but it may do nothing enhancing for you. Check these celebrity face shapes and see how they compare with your own, to come up with a suitable hairstyle. (Keep reading to discover how you can quickly and easily test out for sure, how the different hairstyles would suit your face): Oval face: Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts have this face shape. You could wear you hair from short to long, which ever suits your life-style. Round face: Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore have rounder shaped faces. A short hairstyle swept back from the face will give you more height and fullness. Rectangular/oblong face: Gwyneth Paltrow and Kirstie Alley shaped faces look better with short or medium hair, with bangs to soften the face. With this shaped face, it is recommended to avoid long hair. Square face: Demi Moore and Sandra Bullock are included in this group. Short and medium length hairstyles are best suited keeping away from long hair. Heart shaped face: Ashley Judd and Michelle Pfeiffer, with this shaped faces, look good with chin length or long hair. Stay away from short hair. Triangular face: Kathy Ireland has a more triangular shaped face. This shape suits hair worn either short or tied at the nape. Diamond face: Examples are Linda Evangelista and Katherine Hepburn. If you have this shaped face, you re one of the lucky ones that can wear any length of hair and look fabulous! Mistake #3 - Avoid Trying to Make Your Hair Something It Just Isn t! Is your hair type suited to the celebrity hairstyle that you d like? Some styles are created by the use of a flat-iron to get the straight look. If you want a style that is dead straight and you have hair with a natural curl, this is going to take some time! On the other hand, if you want the romantic, long tresses of curls and your hair hasn t a single wave to it, you re going to need a salon semi-perm or daily curling. Try to find a celebrity hairstyle that fits your hair type for ease of maintenance. Mistake #4 - Get A Different Hairstyle Without Being Sure What It Will Really Look Like On You Nothing is worse than the acute embarrassment of a hairstyle that looks out of place with YOUR face! And let s face it - you re not going to really know, until it s possibly too late! But the internet has made it possible for you to actually get a very good idea of what different celebrity hairstyles would look like on YOU! Services are available where you can quickly and easily upload a picture of your head and shoulders, and the internet program will display different hairstyles on your photo, so you can make a careful and informed choice, and avoid any painful embarrassment! See the links below to discover how you can choose from amongst the famous celebrity hairstyles of 2006, and make the best one for you, yours! You ll enjoy viewing over 60 stunning hairstyle pictures of the top 5 celebrities, with commentaries on each one, PLUS you can view over 5,000 hairstyles and in 53 colours on YOUR uploaded photo at the click of a button!

Big Buck Bloggers

Blog, blog, blog. Every thing you read, everywhere you turn you hear about blogs. Despite many thousand blogs populating the Internet there’s a pretty good chance you’ve never even seen a blog or been into the blogosphere. In this article series I’ll teach you what a blog is, how they work, who the big buck bloggers are (triple b’s), and how to start your own blog. Ready? Let’s go. Blogs Unlike web sites, which have many pages, blogs have only a single page or main page. Each entry or post is a text blurb that may contain links back to other sites, news stories, Podcast, whatever. When a new entry is added it goes to the top pushing all the other entries down the list. Blogs typically have a side bar which contain permanent links that the author can update weekly or monthly. Basically a blog is an online journal or diary that you can use to quickly post thoughts, interact with people, and more. It contains information that the author finds of particular interest. Blogs don’t have to necessarily be about a single subject. Blogs that don’t focus on a particular subject are known as ‘Free Form Blogs’. For example you could start a blog and post anything you come across each day of interest. It could contain images, web links, Podcast, video’s, etc. The blog would serve as an online memory or scrapbook for whatever snippet of information you want to remember. A blog can be anything the author desires it to be. One thing all blogs have in common is entries are read in reverse-chronological order. Blogs grow when other people also find the authors post interesting and they begin to post on that blog. People who regularly post to a blog are known as a community. Big Buck Bloggers Some bloggers start their sites intending to make big profits. But most bloggers started their sites because they found the topic of discussion interesting. Here’s a quick look at three big buck bloggers. BoingBoing BoingBoing, a “directory of wonderful things”, always ranks high in Technorati as one of the most favorite sites. But to be honest I’m not sure why. I visited the site and could not really understand what the wonderful things were about. Regardless of my lack of understanding for what’s going on with this blog Business Week reports BoingBoing is raking in $1 million a year. Now that’s a wonderful thing. I Can Has Cheezburger? This blog launched in January 2007 simply consist of photos of cats and even ridiculous captions. Although this blog was launched by accident it gets close to a million page views a day. It’s reportedly earning more than $5,000 monthly for owner Eric Nakagawa. Go Fug Yourself This blog, devoted to ridiculing celebrity fashion, made enough money ($6,240/month) through ad sales that its two authors, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, quit their television industry jobs so they could mock full-time. These two young ladies apply a really complicated money making formula: They take celebrity photos from a wire service, add some funky comments about the getups, and click publish. The result according to Businessweek Online some 3.5 million unique visitors a month, a book coming out in February, and two full-time jobs. All the ads are sold through Blogads. One week of a bare-bones text ad starts at $60, and deluxe banners top $3,000. Cocks says what started as a goofy joke between friends three years ago has become a successful company: Suddenly our inside joke was turning into a business, and it caught us completely by surprise. To learn how to start your own blog read the next article in this series Blogging for Bucks. Rodney Goldston is an Entrepreneur, and Sales and Marketing expert with more than a decade of experience. He is the owner of the internet marketing website which provides expert advice and support for entrepreneurs and small business. Do you need help growing your business? Do you need to drive more traffic to your web site? Rodney can be contacted via either of his web sites or

The Hottest Hair Trends And Sexiest Hairstyles For 2007 And Beyond

Hair has become unequivocally important as it can literally make one look like a movie star or a has been from Hee Haw, which died out many years ago. It is big enough that it is a multi billion dollar industry and the average bill in a salon is approaching $100. In the big cities with a hot hairstylist like Jonathon in Beverly Hills prices can easily top $500 for a cut and style. Hair and hairstyle are also some of the most searched keywords on Google and the internet. So, its obvious that to millions of people it is vitally important to know what is in and what is out. Listed below are four of the hottest and sexiest styles that experts are predicting will rule through 2007 and beyond. For this article we consulted with the expert hairstylists from top salons from NewYork City, Atlanta, Miami and, of course Los Angeles. As the famed hairstylist Jonathon from reality TV series Blow Out says, “your hair will make you or break you. Your hair can make you look like a super star and this is what I strive for with every client.” The hairstylists we consulted with had a lot to say and freely gave lots of pointers and interesting tips. The short business cut. This style is actually equally popular with both men and women. You can see it on Hillary Clinton, Ellen Degeneres, and the first lady, Mrs. Bush. It is a simple, but elegant and all business hairdo. It is popular due to the fact that it tkes little upkeep to stay in place or quickly fix on a windy day. What you will be seeing as we head into 2007 and beyond is this short do will get shorter and more punk, messy. In some cases it may become almost shaved short. This variant will be slightly longer on top and coming to almost zero by the ears and back. As the females role in society and business grows so will the seriousness of her hair. Look for a marked increase in short, styled and very tight hairdo’s similar in part to many current male hairstyles. The shaggy just sexed look. This look is just catching on and has been popularized on many of the current reality shows and other popular TV programming. This style is obviously longer than the short cut listed above and is purposely styled to look messy, punk and sexy at the same time. The secret to this style according to one hairstylist is to not wash the hair every day. Washing the hair too often will dry it out and make it lose its natural shape. Hair with proper moisture and oils is healthier and looks better. Depending on the length of hair desired for this style some stylists recommend using gels and others creams to style it and make it look just sexed. Wash your hair at night and once it s dry, apply your personal hairstyling products. Then go to sleep, wake up, and go. You may need to fuss with it a little, but this is the style and it is hot. Jonathons new product Dirt works well for this. This is a very under rated style that will become hotter as we head into 2007. Some male models have turned to a shorter version of this style as it is a definite headturner. Long, sexy waves. Perms are way out of style, but the latest secret fashion trend in the hottest salons in NYC is salt spray and long sexy waves. Just as in the above hairstyle, you don’t wash the hair everyday as dirty hair is easier to manage. Get the hair damp and use salt water in a spray to bring out the wavy curls. Salt spray will do amazing things to your hair. According to the salons, everyone’s hair has some natural waves and patterns and this will bring this out and intensify it. This style is so hot, just look at the sexy sirens that sport it, Jessica Alba and Shakira. They wear this style so very well. Add a simple locket or amulet to make it that much hotter. So try spritzing or spraying a little salt water on already damp hair, scrunch it and then let it air dry. Scrunching it while it is wet will give it volume and randomness. Since most hair has some sort of natural wave, the salt spray will bring it out. The side part. This previously all male cut is making it big in fashion shows in the city and will be coming to a salon near you very soon. This will be a classic and trendy, high fashion style. It will take a sexy, rock or punk variation, though. L.A. celebrity hairstylist Sally Hershberger helped start this style and called her version of it the Twiggy Punk. It has become so popular that a $500 - $600 price tag usually goes with it. Purportedly Meg Ryan and Kirsten Dunst are big fans of this style. This style will continue to become very popular throughout 2007 and some new variants will probably emerge as the year goes on. Simplicity and good styling is the key with all four of these hot hairstyles and cuts and there are many variants of each with punk or more conservative touches. According to the many hairstylist experts, these four and their variants will be big for years to come. David Maillie is a highly sought after researcher and chemist with over 12 years experience in biochemical research, clynical analysis and skin care. For more great information, tips and ideas please visit

Tattoos in the Modern World

I never knew tattoos were such a rage till I got one myself. If we consider the fact then tattoos are a rage mostly among youngsters who are trying to make themselves appear different from people of different generations. For some it is an expression of freedom whereas for others it is a way of attracting attention. You can see people wearing tattoos all over their bodies but lower back tattoos have caught the maximum attention since this is the area which is generally exposed and is a hit among girls. You might come across girls wearing tattoos on their lower back which would surely catch your eye balls. People even wear tattoos as a form of self expression and you may come across people with tattoos have provocative slogans. Tattoo is an art which has emerged over a period of time and gained respect among people. Some people fear getting tattoos due to the needles involved and their permanent nature but one can even get temporary tattoos which can be taken off easily. You will even come across people wearing religious tattoos so you may see someone wearing a cross or religious verses. Top celebrities have been wearing tattoos as a matter of expression and this has made them even more popular. You would see the likes of David Beckham and Angelina Jolie wearing religious verses from Hindu religious scripts. Now tattoos are more of a fashion statement which people feel adds a zing to their personalities. You will see people wearing tattoos on their private parts too and this shows that tattoo lovers are getting courageous enough to sport tattoo on various parts of their body. So go ahead and sport one wherever you want since tattoos are fashion statement which will probably never go out of style. Read more about your favorite Tattoos you can also read about some other interesting topics like Star tattoos

HUD Foreclosures Are Great Investment Properties

HUD homes are foreclosure homes owned by the government as a result of repossession. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) insures certain home mortgages through the FHA. When an FHA-insured home s mortgage is not paid, the property is foreclosed by the lender. HUD pays the lender for their lost money and takes ownership of the property. The foreclosed properties are then quickly resold. Investors often look for HUD homes for sale because they provide an excellent investment. Police officers and teachers get a further 50% off the cost of the listed HUD homes. If you have the money or are pre-approved for a mortgage, you can buy HUD homes. Since these properties are so inexpensive, almost anyone with an income can buy them. Usually, buyers who will be using the home as a primary residence have first selection. These properties eventually become available to all interested buyers if no owner occupants are interested. If you or a relative work for HUD, you must receive written permission for buying HUD homes. HUD homes for sale are bought through HUD-approved real estate agents. The real estate agent will assist you with bidding. The highest bid wins, and if no bids are acceptable, the property is bid on again. Settlement after a successful bid usually takes one to two months. If you cannot arrange financing for the HUD properties within this time, you need to pay to extend the deadline or you lose your deposit. You need to inspect the HUD homes listing you are considering carefully as they are sold as is . When buying HUD homes, you may want to make it a condition of your bid that the agent s commission is wavered. HUD will not help you by providing you with a home loan. However, those buying HUD foreclosures do qualify for FHA loans, and even some private lenders will be willing to give you a loan for HUD houses. Since closing comes so quickly, you may wish to arrange financing before shopping for HUD homes for sale.

Hot Looking Layered Hairstyles - Step By Step How To Maintain That Magazine Picture Look!

Long layered hairstyles are probably one of the most popular and versatile of styles that you will see today. You can find some of the hottest styles on celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston and Pamela Anderson. Both of these beautiful ladies always look picture perfect no matter whether they have their hair cascading over their shoulders or they have it beautifully placed on top for a sexy up-do. So you have picked out some of your long layered hairstyles that you like and had the salon give you the look, but now the hard part is keeping the look hot long after you leave the salon. Most of us do not know how to keep our hair looking like we just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. By following a few simple tricks that the celebrities use, you can look like one of them all the time. If your hair is prone to frizzing then be sure to use an anti frizzing serum to tame it down. You can also add volume to your hair with volume enhancing products, giving you the appearance of fuller hair. The trick to getting that just out of the salon look is how you blow dry your hair. Perhaps the best trick to learn is to bend at the waist while blow drying the underside of your hair to give it maximum volume. Once you have the underside dry you will need to stand back up and dry the top in sections with a large round brush to work out curls and ensure even drying. Finish up with a large barrel curling iron to give the effect of natural curls. Do not brush the style, simply use your fingers to separate the curls and get your desired look. When done, with a bit of luck you ll end up with one of the best long layered hairstyles you ve seen! You will now want to spray your hair with hairspray and a shining agent to keep it looking shiny and healthy throughout the day. See what YOU look like with the latest long layered hairstyles AND hot celebrity hairstyles - view them on YOUR own uploaded photo now! Try On 5,000 Hairstyles! FREE Demo

Lower Back Tattoo Designs - 3 Tips For Women Who Want To Find That Perfect Lower Back Tattoo Design

So you want to get a tattoo on your lower back but don t know which lower back tattoo design is right for you. I have known women that have taken months to choose the right design. To help you on your quest to find the perfect lower back tattoo design, here are 3 tips that will help you decide. Lower Back Tattoo Design Tip #1 - Make it personal for you. Think about something that you think defines you in one way or another. This could be a flower, animal, place, or emotion. You can incorporate this into the design of your tattoo to make it unique. Also think about the design itself as it relates to you. Do you want a detailed design representing your inner mysteries or do you want something simple that may represent your fun loving nature? Lower Back Tattoo Design Tip #2 - Make it the right size for you. Of course lower back tattoo designs come in all shapes and sizes but it s important to choose the right size for you. Again, this has a lot to do with what you want the tattoo to mean to you. You can get a smaller daintier design to represent your beauty as a woman. Or you can get a larger tattoo that expresses your outgoing nature. Lower Back Tattoo Design Tip #3 - Make browsing for a design easy. There are millions of designs out there and looking through them all can often become very daunting. One of the best ways to find the best lower back tattoo design for you is to browse through online collections. This is an easy way for you to look at loads of designs, get great ideas, and print out the design you want all from the comfort of your house. This will stop the tiring routine of visiting loads of tattoo parlours and coming up empty handed. Want to see the best Lower Back Tattoo Designs Browse through thousands of tattoo designs and find the perfect tatttoo for you here: Best Tattoo Designs

Hot for the Wrong Reasons

I ll never forget the night I made a big mistake. I was teaching English in Southern Mexico and I was dating a beautiful young lady named Gladys. Neither she nor anyone in her immediate family spoke English so the responsibility of communicating in a foreign language rested on my shoulders. Yeah, there were times when I missed a date because had I misunderstood the time. There were other times when I said something in Spanish and everyone smiled and pretended that they had understood what I said. But after a few months in Mexico, I was feeling pretty confident with my Spanish skills. Maybe a little too confident as it turns out. I was eating dinner with her family one night. Unfortunately for me, it was not just her immediate family. Her grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and a few other people who I did not even recognize were with us. There were delicious flat Mexican tacos on the table with spicy green and red salsas that made my mouth water with delight. It should have been a perfect night for me to keep my big mouth shut. After all, with the constant conversation taking place at the table, I was only catching little snippets here and there and I should have been content to just sit back and relax. In the end though, my little snafu was not really my fault because I think that someone asked me a question regarding the weather in Chiapas. Instead of simply answering, Yes I like the weather or No, I do not like the weather, I had to describe how the weather made me feel. What I wanted to say was that I was very hot these days and had I simply remembered that using the verb tener instead of the verb ser could be dangerous, I would have stayed out of hot water. Unfortunately for me, I did end up conveying the fact that I was very hot these days but the way in which the words left my mouth probably made Gladys mother squirm in her seat along with the rest of Gladys family. I do remember what Gladys face turned red. According to what I had just said, I was hot alright but it was not on account of the weather. I will leave it to your imagination in terms of an exact translation for what I had just said. Whenever someone says something excruciatingly embarrassing, there is always that torturous moment of silence that follows. For me, it seemed that time had come to a complete standstill and I suddenly imagined that this could go one of two ways. One, everyone could break into hearty laughter, slap me on the back, and make fun of the foreigner who says stupid things in Spanish. Two, the silence would continue and I would be forever banned from dating Gladys. Well, at least these were the thoughts that were running through my head. In the end, of course, everyone did laugh and for a few minutes I was the center of conversation at the dinner table. A few days later, no one seemed to remember what I had said but of course I never forgot. What is the point of this little story? Do not be afraid to make mistakes as you learn Spanish. If you never open your mouth, you will never gain the confidence that you need to speak Spanish well. In my experience, I have found that people throughout Latin America as well as native Spanish speakers in the U.S. are quite forgiving because they appreciate people who are trying to learn Spanish. If you make a few mistakes a long the way, they will only serve to help you improve your Spanish speaking abilities. Learn to laugh at yourself. If you can t laugh at yourself, you might as well give up on learning any foreign language. Nathan Ryan heads up the Spanish Help Net which is online at He has taught English in Latin America and Asia as well as Spanish in the United States. He has written his own Spanish curriculum which he has used in the Public Schools. More information can be found about Nathan at

Popularity of Cashmere clothes

Cashmere is a very soft material that is light weight and comes from goats and is also known as Pashmina. The cashmere wool is considered to be the softest and of course, the most expensive. The name cashmere comes from the place of its origin, Kashmir, a state situated in the northern regions of India. Sweaters, shawls, gloves, scarves, socks and much more is made from cashmere wool. Cashmere is harvested from the goats during their annual molting season through shredding or shearing of their down. Designers love cashmere for its pure luxury and classic elegance. The cashmere sweater protects and keeps you warmer than probably any other form of wool. Cashmere comes in natural colors of white, grey and brown. Cashmere is said to be eight times warmer than sheep s wool and about that many times softer. Cashmere is also one of the most expensive cloths on the market today. Cold weather accessories including cashmere scarves and cashmere sweaters are very common as well, Anything. Cashmere accessories makes a luxury gift for your loved one or a friend. Mens cashmere scarves come in vivid but subdued colors and stick fairly closely to the basic color groups. From warm cashmere sweaters to scarves, cashmere garments are considered timeless, tasteful, and elegant. Cashmere wool can be shaped into dresses, shawls, scarves, sweaters, hats, and even cashmere blankets! There is a wide array of articles to choose from, and cashmere lovers declare that with good concern and handling, cashmere accessories are the vital reminder. Forever classics Forever Classic is an online store with wide selection of luxury gifts and accessories for ladies, gentlemen and the home.

Nothing Down

Nothing down? Exactly why would a seller want to walk away from closing with nothing? The truth is, they normally wouldn t, and that brings up the most important point about real estate investing with no downpayment: A seller almost always needs cash at closing, but it doesn t have to be YOUR cash. Nothing Down - A Few Ways Sometimes sellers are able to offer terms and a low or no downpayment, but often you have to find a way to get at least 70% of the price to them in cash. This is not only so they can get some of their equity out, but also because they will probably need to pay off the existing loan. So to get in with nothing down, you need to think in terms of how to get a primary loan, then how to raise the money for the remainder. A couple examples follow. A few banks still do no doc loans, meaning they don t require any verification of income, source of downpayment, etc. Since they generally loan only 70% to 80% of the property value, you need a seller who is willing to take a second mortgage from you for the other 20% to 30%, to make it a nothing down deal. They get 70% or 80% in cash, and payments for years to come. Since you ll have two payments, you need to be sure the numbers work. Another way to buy with none of your own money is to borrow against your home or other property to come up with downpayment. You might borrow for a vacation, and leave whatever you don t spend in your checking account for a while. In this way, you can use it without violating bankers rules about borrowing for a downpayment. Most towns have a few note buyers. These investors buy land contracts, mortgage loans and other notes at a discount. When a seller takes a purchase money mortgage from you for $100,000, for example, a note buyer might pay him $85,000 for it. How does that help you or him? I ll explain with an example. Suppose a seller prices his property at $195,000, expecting to sell it for $180,000. You offer $205,000 in the form of a mortgage for $160,000, and another for $45,000. As part of the offer, you have arranged for the sale of the first mortgage at closing for $136,000 to a note buyer. The seller gets that cash now, plus payments from you on the second loan for $45,000. $136,000 plus the $45,000 adds up to $181,000, which is about what he expected to get out of the deal. A Personal Example At the moment, I m selling a small rental property, and will recieve payments of $400 per month. The buyer has good credit, and the $5,000 downpayment covers the closing costs and even the legal cost of a foreclosure, if necessary. So at this point, I really don t care where he gets the downpayment. Suppose he took a $6000 cash advance on a low-interest credit card? This would cost him about $135 per month, and give him enough for the downpayment and his closing costs. The rent is around $600 per month in this case, so he would be okay. However, in some cases, that extra $135 might cause negative cash-flow. You have to be sure that however you do it, the numbers work. I should mention though, that I would have accepted payments of $350, if he had asked, because it s the price and the interest rate that mattered to me. Are ther other methods? You bet. Creative real estate investing is all about making the deal work for all parties. If you can find a way to get the seller what he wants, you can buy with nothing down. Steve Gillman has invested in real estate for years. To learn more, get a free real estate investing course, and see a photo of a beautiful house he and his wife bought for $17,500, visit